About RB Milestone Group:
RB Milestone Group is a New York based equity research and market intelligence firm offering financial research and communications expertise. It is dedicated to providing its investment and media communities with a detailed look into the global mining, oil & gas, energy, healthcare, professional services, consumer goods and technology industries. In addition, RB Milestone Group offers multi-faceted communication strategies that provide its investment and media outlets with the pivotal insights, access and connectivity needed to excel in today’s fast paced capital markets.

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“[RBMG] has seriously good topics and what the future holds. It couldn’t be more timely.”
  • Jan Stuart, Head of Global Energy Research, Credit Suisse (on RBMG thought leadership)

  • “…RB Milestone Group is at the top of its class, and has been for some time now. Thanks for putting me in contact with interesting companies offering compelling opportunities.”
  • David Styfco, Aegis Capital

  • “We really appreciate what the RB Milestone Group has done in introducing us to a lot of investors that we otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet with.”
  • Wes Adams, IR Director, Sandspring Resources

  • “RBMG provides fantastic insights in what are driving markets.”
  • Walter Coles, CEO, Virginia Energy

  • RB Milestone Group was both educational and enjoyable. Understanding commodities as an asset class is a newly emerging yet critical topic for the global economy and the investor community.”
  • Daniel P. Ahn, Senior Economist, Citigroup

  • It is always difficult to find well-targeted investors and this is exactly what RB Milestone Group gave us…a real success.”
  • Pierre Leveille, CEO, Afri-Can Marine Minerals

  • “Forward looking!”
  • Dr. John Felmy, Chief Economist, American Petroleum Institute

  • “RBMG provides a useful snapshot of the mining industry.”
  • Dan Killian, Associate Director, Standard & Poor’s